Chris Maynard

My Skills

These are the areas of design where I really shine.



I design in the browser with HTML, CSS and a touch of JavaScript. I love coding things from scratch, but I can work with content management systems as well.



I sketch and wireframe interfaces focusing on content structure, intuitive UI patterns and simple interactions. I believe this is an essential part of the design process.



It is important that the content you create is made with everyone fromĀ  you potential audience in mind. Your content has to be able to reach everyone for it to be the most effective it can be.

Professional Projects

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Lansing Catholic Lawyers Guild

Web Developer

Over the course of this project I was tasked with creating an feature that would allow people to apply for membership online as opposed to having to send in the physical forms that they were using over the past few years. After that I was tasked with an overall website analysis and redesign.

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Performance Pros Consulting

UX/UI, website build, content strategy.

I was tasked with the build and maintenance of PPC's website. I was the sole designer of this site and had to work with a number of people from the company in order to make sure that the website was communicating the desired message of the company. The members of PPC were thrilled with the final result and I continue to run maintenance on the site as needed.

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Dannon, Kroger, Geometry Global

Marketing and content strategist

We competed in against three other groups to come up with the best campaign to market yogurt to millennial moms and make it a part of their daily breakfast routine. Our group was selected as the winner and our strategy is being implemented by all involved parties.

We came up with a multiple step plan in order to market yogurt to millennial moms as a breakfast food. We utilized social media, in-store ads, and an app that all helped accomplish our overall goal.

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MSU Writing Center

UI/UX Consultant

I was part of a group that implemented the use of Zoom Room Conferencing after months of different research, personas, user testing, and review. This helped streamline a lot of the writing center's consultations by giving them a virtual space to conference with students.


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Personal Projects

Part of the work that makes me who I am.


I am part of the EDM dj and producer duo known as BE3TA ZE3TA. We really enjoy what we do and try to spread a positive message wherever our music takes us.

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I created and app through the IFTTT website that send you a reminder on your phone to turn on your wifi. This was very useful to me personally as I always forget to turn on my wifi and use all of my data.

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